We want to tell your story

sonder - n. The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. 


Katelyn started Katelyn Holm Photography in 2014, while Cole began Braxton Cole Photo in 2016. The two businesses merged to form Sonder Photo the summer of 2018. The name was chosen based on the definition above because we believe and realize that each person's individual story drives our business as photographers -- a job we love and take very seriously.

One of the most important decisions you make during the wedding planning process is deciding on a photography company. With so many options out there, we believe in honesty with our clients -- about our style, our workflow, and the way we conduct business. Snapping a photo is easy, but directing a client and leading them confidently throughout their shoot is something that distinguishes good photographers from great photographers. Sonder is passionate about capturing vivid moments between real people. Whether we're shooting engagements, weddings, or seniors, we promise to make you laugh, and we promise to go above and beyond in visually recording your memories.

What sets us apart in this industry is our care for our clients, our joy at your happiness, and our reliability in being there for you every step of the way. Our style is not bright and airy or overly moody. Instead, we have mastered a romantic whimsy with pink tones that compliment all skin types. What you see in our portfolio is exactly what you'll see in your galleries.

Whether it’s splashing through waves in formalwear for “the photo” or chasing the light to get that golden hour glow, let’s adventure together! We’ll bring our cameras and take care of the rest.



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Cole Bowers


Cole is currently a student at the Fire Academy, where he wants to graduate from and work for the Houston Fire Department. Days after graduating high school he was inspired by other artists to pick up a camera and start creating. Shooting only as a hobby at first, he would eventually discover a passion for storytelling through his images.

Cole resides in the North Houston Area, where he was born and raised. He enjoys anything to do with being outside, whether it's rock climbing, cycling or going for a swim with his Boxer pup Koda.When he's not shooting or editing, he can be found listening to live music while snackin' on some appetizers with his wife, Mady.

Katelyn Holm


Katelyn is Marketing and Events Specialist at Rice University and graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. What started as photography skills tailored to newspapers has grown into a passion for visual storytelling and portraiture.

Katelyn loves exploring the unseen parts of big and small cities, trying new coffee shops, concert-hopping, binge-watching Brooklyn 99 or The Office, and travelling both nationally and internationally. She's been known to buy plane tickets on a whim or spontaneously pull over on the side of the road because "the light looks beautiful here!"