eamma wedding

macey and timothy...

Location: The Venue at Waterstone

Celina, TX


I (Katelyn) met Macey and Timothy at his sister's wedding, and we became fast friends. When Macey asked me to shoot their engagements in White Rock Lake, Dallas, I was so excited about her style and aesthetic, and the wedding was everything and more! With little mystical touches and Harry Potter books on the tables, the Eamma wedding was and is truly one of my favorite days as a photographer. Macey and Tim thought of every detail -- from the amethyst crystal nameplates, gorgeous circle backdrop at the altar, and even the hangers. When I went to shoot the groomsmen getting ready, I discovered that even the BEER matched the suits! You can't ask for better photos; it was a photographer's dream. I even got teary eyed watching their families get emotional during the ceremony -- the two of them are truly meant to be, and you won't find two more wonderful families! 

Shooting in the middle of the forest, surrounded by wooden church pews, might be my new favorite place to be! Macey was the most beautiful bride, and Sonder clients continually point to those shots when they describe what they want in their own bridal portraits.

My most memorable moment from this wedding, though, was the surprise firework show. Macey and Timothy didn't tell their friends and family about the surprise. So after the sparkler sendoff, when the lights filled the sky, the expressions on their guests faces were genuine and thrilled. I enjoyed every second of this day. Thank you, Eammas, for allowing me to be part of your best day ever.


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