Clint + Cassie

I'm straying from my usual page layout just for these two wonderful people. Clint and Cassie's wedding day fell on one of the hottest Texas summer days, but that didn't stop the entire wedding party from having a blast. (Or this photographer, for that matter.) I've had the privilege of knowing Clint for a few years now, and it was amazing to see his love for his bride and to enjoy spending a little time with some old friends, from behind the lens. This day was the perfect celebration of Jesus, love, and two families -- one from Alaska, and one from Texas. The lake-inspired touches and nautical themes were subtle and beautiful. Alec and I had a blast.


Clint and Cassie,  I truly wish the both of you the happiest of marriages.


Second shooter credit: Alec Lloyd

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Enjoy A FEW OF MY FAVORITE MOMENTS OF THEIR wedding day in the gallery below: